Rocksock mens socks combed cotton natural silver

17 Sep Montblanc silver mens socks

ROCKSOCK Silver collection Montblanc with 10% pure silver yarn. Comfortable socks for healty feet!🏃 What people say: Durable, comfortable and sexy Awesome Socks *** Top Quality Silver Socks with Health Benefits Top Quality socks with 10% Silver, pack of three, excellent quality and nice packaged. *** Five Stars Excellent Silver Socks, contains 10% Silver thread...

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Rocksock exclusive athletic socks

15 Sep Exclusive athletic socks

ROCKSOCK Silver athletic collection are exclusive socks. Montecervino in white/silver and black/silver colours. Combed cotton 70% │ Silver 10% │ Polyamide 17% │ Lycra 3 Silver collection socks have a layer of pure natural silver permanently bonded all over the sock to the outside surface of the fiber. Silver...

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Rocksock bamboo mens socks light grey

13 Sep Light grey socks

ROCKSOCK Latournette in light grey color with blue shades are made of Bamboo. Bamboo 80% │ Polyamide 17% │ Lycra 3% Bamboo is exceptionally soft and light fibre, almost silky in feel. This makes it breathable and cool to wear. You’ll like it! More colours in Casual collection...

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Rocksock silver socks monterosa

07 Sep Monterosa high technologies

Monterosa is Rocksock's following silver socks after top of the line Montblanc! Monterosa was made with our love and passion, we love it so much for the softness, lightness, proper thickness and absolutely for the silver fiber. Monterosa always brings a joy. Just try it, you will...

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