Because we love Rocks. The Brand

ROCKSOCK is a true story. It is a long-held dream. This is what we believe with all our heart, what gives us hope. This is what brings us both happiness and freedom.


ROCKSOCK is our passion. Passion for traveling and exploring unknown worlds. This is what makes our world better, inspires us for kindliness and makes us discerning enough.


This is a kind story, which gives us an understanding of what is important in life. The story,  that is like music, sounds genuinely and fills our hearts with love and inspiration.


ROCKSOCK is the love to the mountains, conquering the highest peaks.


When staying at the foot of the mountain you feel the power of it’s ground, that keeps the highest point. ROCKSOCK’s foundation is as strong as rocks, because it is based on our most important life principles – honesty, sensitivity, respect, understanding and passion. When you are climbing a mountain your mind and heart should be free and clear, you focus only on reaching the top. Ascending to a mountain we bring our values, vision, our mission and what we believe in with you.

This is ROCKSOCK’s strategy. We should always hear to our music, and see the value of what we do.


When you reach the summit of a mountain, you have a feeling of great satisfaction and happiness that you could make it. You have done a hard work, difficult road, your heart is overflowing with great pride. Your mind is clear, calm, reasonable and free.


And here you sit on that top of the mountain, a glorious landscape spreads before you and what do you see? You see new peaks, new opportunities, new challenges and you go further with a pure big heart and lofty aims. This is ROCKSOCK’s meaning.


Our clients are successful and independent people, who value quality, reliability, style and elegance. The real gentlemen, globetrotters and freemen, who always seek new horizons and love to breath freedom with a whole heart.


We set ourselves the highest goals and approach to everything with great care, romanticism and passion. Same our customer’s expectations are high.


We truly love our product, passionately believe in it’s excellence and are sure that it brings a huge benefit to People.