History & Vision

History. Everything has it’s value.


One time ago my old friend came to me and said:

“It is been already for over 20 years since my family has owned socks manufacturing company. Long before that day I started work at my father’s firm, I unconsciously already knew the values and principles of our family culture, based on honesty and business passion. My father not only developed and deeply rooted these values in me, but also revealed the art of successful socks production: team of professionals, high quality raw materials and innovative technology.

While I was learning at the place of production, my work became my passion and I wanted to create something of my own, to achieve outstanding goals and to give people the best that I have to offer.”


With such a strong and real emotions was conceived ROCKSOCK brand. We started to build our business together from the beginning on December 24, 2012.


At that time I did not even wonder and fully understand why my friend came exactly to me. That business idea seemed for me just a benefit with a lot of potential because people have always been and will be wearing socks. My feelings have changed since then, because this business became an integral part of my life.


Before we started our own business, I have been working over 5 years in International Company – Toyota. I always had and will have respect for Toyota, because it is Toyota company who gave me knowledge of what the client and employee should mean for me and my business partner.


There is nothing we value more than the trust and confidence in relationship with our people and clients. These are our business principles.


Men should be judged not by how he behaves in a comfortable environment, but by what he does through hard times. We have gone through a really hard time and overcame many challenges together, so our friendship grew even bigger.


My friend is a part of company’s culture. This rock is a part of the company’s foundation.


Now I understand, why my friend came exactly to me. We were very much alike and had the same values. We were young, every one of us was trying to make a difference in it’s area of knowledge. We played different roles, but irrespective of who we were talking to or in what kind of situation we appear to be, every one in his own way sought to convey the same idea. Two voices, one opinion.


My friend gave me a free hand to manage organizational issues and business growth, as I was absolutely sure he will do the best for our product quality.


Starting your own business is very much like having your own baby, when you grow him, giving the best of what you have. Ever since our business is a fundamental part of my life.




“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.” – John Muir, The Mountains of California.




Discipline. Respect. Honesty. Unity.

Conquer the highest peaks.

To be the trusted associate in every conquer summit, for people, for our team and their families.

Britain’s number one socks designer brand.

Remember every loyal customer name and their preferences and wishes.

To build a school for children, to give more love, care, joy and smiles.

To climb a mountains with team and everyone interested at least once a year.




To be honest and sensible.

To remain authentic and respect the present.

To be open to a visionary future. To dream big and believe that dreams come true 😉

To strive for absolute customer satisfaction. Happy customers and lots of smiles.

To care about our Best Team and always to have fun at work! 😉

A strong company foundation established on honesty, passion for our business and harmony.