Montecervino with silver for street photographers

Rocksock sport socks with silver

13 Aug Montecervino with silver for street photographers

One of our favourite things in life is photography. Photography help us to see everyday life in different angles. To capture memorable moments, faces and things.

We know how to difficult sometimes to find a good picture, it could take one or more days just to find an interesting moment and how many miles you have to walk to capture just one photograph.

For long and difficult distances, for cold or hot weather the answer is Montecervino!

ROCKSOCK Montecervino with natural silver yarn and extra soft teddy lining layer will make you feel comfortable and confident while shooting all day long.

Montecervino available in white/silver and black/silver colours.

As for our gear we are absolutely nuts, we always want more and more even we don’t need so many gear. It is GAS! 😉

We are using mostly Nikon D700 for work, this camera is reliable, quick, has fantastic colours, great feelings and best twelve megapixels in the world!

For the heart and soul we like film cameras, such as Leica M, Nikon F.


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