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Karine - Rocksock Star

08 Mar Rocksock Star Karine

We are starting a new heading – Rocksock Stars or Rockstars ★

We want to share with you the most important thing in our life – and these are people.

People who fill our hearts with love and inspiration. People whom we respect and honour. People with whom we want to share our joy, warmth, care and our passion.

Today we want to tell you about our team member – Karine.

She is an extraordinary girl with the purest heart and open soul. Karine is with us from the very beginning of our company’s formation, she brought a huge contribution to laying the foundation and development of Rocksock. Karine always gave and gives a piece of her heart to our Rock team and to our amazing customers.

And most importantly, Karine always supports the heartful atmosphere and a sense of spirituality in our company.

Thank you Karine for your unlimited contribution and for the inspiration that you bring to us. Thank you for the wonderful music that fills our hearts!

If you see Karine, please give her a high-five and a thumbs-up! 😉


Conquer the Highest Peaks!

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