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14 Feb Cherish the Love

Dear friends,

we invite you to take part in win-win journey. We call it “Cherish the Love” together with ROCKSOCK.

The aim of this journey – to get familiar with our socks and make friends with whom we could share interests, hobbies and our passion in conquering new peaks.

Starting from 14th of February 2018, a 20% discount has been applied to our socks on Amazon UK, DE and FR.

But the most important thing is – that after your purchase you get the same socks as a gift. All we ask in return is your feedback, the importance of which you can read here.

How it works.

You can order 1, 2 or 3 different sets of socks (3 pairs in one set), leave a product review/feedback on Amazon, follow ROCKSOCK on Instagram and we will send you the same sets as a gift!


You purchase 1 set (three pairs) from = leave 1 product review on Amazon = follow us on Instagram = we’ll send you the same socks set for free!;
You purchase 3 different sets  = leave 3 product reviews = follow us on Instagram = get the same 3 socks sets for free!

What you get?
A new acquaintance, cheerful mood and quality socks in gift box with a huge discount!
What we get?
A new acquaintance, lots of smiles, happy people and boundless experience in improving our unique concept and perfectionism.

Important information:

“Cherish the Love” journey lasts from 14 Febryary 2018 till 31 March 2018.

Our stores on Amazon UK, DE and FR.

Promo codes:

ROCKSTWO for Amazon UK;

ROCKZWEI for Amazon DE;

ROCKDEUX for Amazon FR.

How to use promo codes

Rocksock amazon promo code

Importance and how to leave a product review.

* Please note that some socks are in limited quantity and it will take more time to send you a gift.

Share this journey with your friends and family, let’s get acquainted! Follow us on Instagram!

Truly yours,


Conquer the Highest Peaks!

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